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When passion meets performance and heart entwines with talent, you’ll find Tanya Walter of Visionart Photography.

Amid her uncanny ability to cast the perfect spell on her subjects, Tanya crafts more than just a photograph. She captures essence. She captures emotion. She captures heart. And it’s all done in one magical step— being herself.

Tanya is a true breath of fresh air. She finds beauty in strength, happiness in life’s ups and downs and wealth in old photographs. Down-to-earth, compassionate and utterly hilarious, Tanya sees beyond the lens and captures a connection that is unique to each subject. Her approach is gentle. Her eye for unseen gems is timeless. Her ability to shake a person’s deer-in-the-headlights look with humor is noteworthy.

A 1998 graduate from the Colorado Institute of Art, Tanya found her love for photography at an early age that matured to the appreciation of landscapes and geometrical angles. And while she was drawn to the artsy side of photography, she knew her true passion did not lay in the way art galleries. Her heart wanted to bridge an ageless connection for people. And in 2001, she turned her passion into a vision.

Visionart Photography.

When Tanya is not behind the camera, she can be found on a bike, securing her footing on a mountaintop, gliding down a winter slope or hanging with her friends and family. Her zeal to experience all this life has to offer, even from the comforts of a couch, is endless.

Grounded, gifted, imaginative, genuine and passion; this is what you will find in Tanya and Visionart Photography.

You can reach me at 719-661-5627 / / Facebook


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