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Pikes Peak International Raceway

Experience Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak International Raceway put on an event on May 8th where we had the opportunity to meet other business owners along with the experience of  a ride along with a race car driver. I was told that we reached speeds up to 150 MPH…legally!! At times it did feel like we were going to flip but I had my faith in my driver hands and the race car of Jimmy Johnson #48.

I have a whole new respect for the sport that only makes left hand turns. I only had the chance to do 3 laps, I can not imagine going 500.

To all of  you that like to of fast….hold on!

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2013 High School MODEL search

2013 HS SeniorWe are still looking for 2013 High School MODELS.

There are a few prerequisites:

1. You must be a current junior in high school graduating in 2013

2. You want to be a ROCKSTAR

What YOU get out of the deal:

1. FREE Photo session – valued at $100

2. Three gift size photo credits – value $210

3. 15% OFF your photo order

4. $35 for EVERY referal that books & pays – value $$$$

5. Your personalized marketing pieces


Call today before you miss out – the deadline is April 9

You can reach me at 719-661-5627 / / Facebook

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